Nominations for Management Committee 2016/17

We are delighted to have received the following 12 nominations for the Management Committee of the charity that runs the Centre (Northchurch & District Association):

Adrian Abramian (Resident)

Terri Abramian (Resident)

Antony Barker (Resident)

Dennis Fairey (Resident)

Ian Hines (Representing Stroke Support)

Laura Janes (Representing Northchurch Baptist Church)

Hilary Jones (Resident)

Mark Kitson (Representing Northchurch Baptist Church)

Tommy Masters (Resident)

Andrew Nash (Resident)

Valerie Scillitoe (Resident)

Jennifer Underwood (Resident)

All local residents and current users are welcome to come along and join us at our Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th July where there will be a vote to appoint the above individuals onto the committee for the coming year.

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