Nominations for Management Committee 2016/17

We are delighted to have received the following 12 nominations for the Management Committee of the charity that runs the Centre (Northchurch & District Association):

Adrian Abramian (Resident)

Terri Abramian (Resident)

Antony Barker (Resident)

Dennis Fairey (Resident)

Ian Hines (Representing Stroke Support)

Laura Janes (Representing Northchurch Baptist Church)

Hilary Jones (Resident)

Mark Kitson (Representing Northchurch Baptist Church)

Tommy Masters (Resident)

Andrew Nash (Resident)

Valerie Scillitoe (Resident)

Jennifer Underwood (Resident)

All local residents and current users are welcome to come along and join us at our Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th July where there will be a vote to appoint the above individuals onto the committee for the coming year.

Future development of the Centre: Story to date

  • Our charity , Northchurch and District Association (NDA), was set up to own and run the land and the building for the benefit of the local community. This community was defined as Northchurch and the Western part of Berkhamsted and the aim was to be a source of enrichment and enhancement which would promote holistic well–being including educational, health, social, moral and intellectual development. The Centre also serves a much wider community who travel from surrounding areas to attend the independent Clubs that hire out the Centre on a regular basis.
  • It’s aim is to be a catalyst for community spirit and charitable activity
  • The Centre was to be maintained though co-operation with “public authorities”, voluntary organisations and residents
  • The management committee, in seeking this wider co-operation, has sought discussions and a developing relationship with such bodies. This has led to a recognition that for the Centre to go into a realistic, productive and secure future , the best fit relationship would be with Northchurch Baptist Church, a fellow charity with a commitment to promoting charitable activity in the local and wider community.
  • Northchurch Baptist Church(NBC) is currently centred in Northchurch, with a significant number of active Northchurch and Western Berkhamsted. It’s activities are recognised as offering significant and wide ranging benefits for residents and users.
  • NBC has a vision for wider involvement in the local and wider community and has the human and physical resources to make this a realistic and exciting future.
  • Both the Management committee of the centre and the leadership of NBC need to grapple with a pressing need to address the deterioration of their respective premises.
  • Members of NBC are prepared to move into the role of leading the Management Committee, and see this as vital for the coming together of both Charities in an agreed working relationship which will guarantee the objectives of both parties.
  • The NDA management committee are there to guarantee that opportunities and activities on the site fulfill the stated holistic objectives of the charity.
  • The leaders of NBC need to guarantee that the integrity, identity and stated constitutional objectives of Northchurch Baptist Church are realised.
  • Both parties believe that we have reached a stage where these safeguards and guarantees are achievable

The future will involve decisions regarding:

  • Updating, with appropriate alterations, to the current Constitution of the NDA to make it “fit for purpose”
  • Whether to run as two charities in co-operation or a find a one charity solution
  • A potential change of Charitable status to a CIO status
  • A two site or one site development to provide a “state of the art” facility which will include the Northchurch Baptist Church premises and a Community Hub/Centre.
  • A growth in the activities and opportunities for the local and wider community

Run around rascals – big success on Fridays


Soft play is an ideal way for the little ones to play in a safe environment. It encourages interaction and physical development by jumping, crawling and moving around and is designed to stimulate and
captivate the under 5’s.

Our stay and play session runs every Friday morning 9.30-11.30am with complementary refreshments and biscuits for parents and children!!”

Volunteers needed for New Premises Committee

As you can read on our history page, Northchurch’s Social Centre was built as a result of the local people coming together and managing a project to develop a facility for the whole community to use. Nearly 50 years on, our Centre goes from strength to strength being used on a daily basis by various Clubs and Associations, but its external structure is now in need of substantial refurbishment and we need your help!

We are looking for a volunteer to head up our new premises committee and to help lead us through a project over the next few years to bring the outside of our premises back up to scratch. No prior experience necessary – just a positive attitude to lead the project through getting building work quotes and possibly looking at other sources of funding, such as grants.

If you think you can help us or know someone who can or if you know of local building contractors who would be interested in quoting for the work then please contact our Treasurer, Sheree Blanksby  via or on 01442 876603.

Northchurch W.I. donate new bench for Social Centre

New bench at Northchurch Social Cntre

Summer 2012 saw the installation of a new bench for the outside of the social centre donated by Northchurch Women’s Institite(W.I.).

The W.I. kindly offered to replace the existing bench, which was showing the signs of its many years solid service, with a smart new one to commemerate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Northchurch W.I. have been regular weekly hirers of the Social Centre since it was built in the 1960s and continue to make a valuable contribution today with active members on the Association’s Management Committee. The trustees and users of the hall alike would like to express their gratitude to the W.I. for their generousity.

Showing what community spirit was all about

Check out our newly updated History page if you’d like to hear just how our social centre came into existance. From its first conception, over 50 years ago, to its current day role as regular home to over 17 local clubs – this truly was is “community centre” built by the community of Northchurch for its local community.

Click here to visit the History page